Video As a Valuable Tool For Your Listing

Finding the right San Diego listing agent for your home might take more thought and research than ever before. With the advent of social media and online marketing tools, it’s no longer enough to hire the nice lady who hosts local garage sales and hope to see your home in the supermarket magazines. To give adequate exposure to your San Diego home listing, you need to have an agent that utilizes all the online tools available. The fastest growing, most effective online tool right now is video.

Watching online video has replaced traditional print media as the primary source of information.  More buyers are finding that homes on YouTube, Vimeo and social media sites via video; if you want them to find your listing, you need to be where the buyers are searching. Effective video marketing attracts buyers online, where most buyers start their home search. By integrating the MLS listing with social media sites, your San Diego home will be seen not only by local buyers, but those all around the world. As more international buyers enter our San Diego housing market, this is an important way to attract those potential home owners.

Video engages the viewer. An interesting video invites the potential buyer into the home to experience it in a way unachievable with a picture. The San Diego buyers get the full experience of being in the home. A properly designed video will allow the viewer to see what the seller wants seen, highlighting the unique features of the property. Aerial video takes this one step further by allowing the potential buyer to gain a perspective on the surrounding area and community.

Innovative video creates a buzz around a home. Clever use of techniques and filming can bring measurable viewing traffic to video. Video both online and in listings sell faster than those without. Many buyers now use the screening tools online to avoid homes that do not offer a video…how would you feel if there are buyers that never even see your home because you do not have a video in the listing?

Staying ahead of the trends in real estate marketing is one the keys to selling a home in San Diego. The tech-savvy agent will leverage all the tools available to showcase your home and its unique advantages. Engaging the potential buyers with quality video is just one more way you are able to provide exposure to your listing. If you are ready to list your San Diego home, consider an agent who understands how to use technology, social media and video to provide you a comprehensive marketing plan.