Working From Home? Tips for a Comfortable and Productive Home Office

Once reserved for the rich and powerful, home offices are becoming more and more commonplace. Independent contractors and tele-commuters are now carving out a room or nook of their homes to create a productive dedicated workspace. Rather than using the kitchen table as their work station, these home based personnel are seeking to create a comfortable area where they will not only be productive, but will be someplace where they will enjoy working. If you are ready to design or redesign your home office, here are a few tips for creating the right space for your needs.

First and foremost, choose the right location. You will spend quite a bit of time in the space so make sure it’s bright and airy. Consider the traffic flow around the area also; will you have the quiet you need to work properly? Give yourself a view if possible and paint the room colors which inspire you.

Furniture and Office Tools
What furniture is absolutely necessary for you to work properly? Will you need guest seating or file cabinets? What tools will you need for your occupation? Consider easy to use extras such as a dry erase board to help you easily keep watch over tasks?

When choosing furniture pay attention to both form and function. You will be sending a good portion of your day in the office, choose a comfortable chair and desk.

Floor plan
Place your furniture thoughtfully. Most of the time a home office will be tight on space, so ensure each piece of furniture serves a purpose. Make room for everything you’ll need, without clutter.

Embrace technology! A good home office should be outfitted with everything one would find in an office setting. Stay abreast of the latest technology; Invest in a good printer/scanner and add extras such as a television and sound system. Hide unsightly cords so that your office stays tidy. Take care with electrical cords and power strips to ensure you do not create a fire hazard. Outfit your office with the latest LED lights to save costs and bring warmth and light into your office.

A home office is becoming an essential part of the home. Whether you are able to dedicate an entire room or just a small nook, thoughtful planning will ensure you not only can work comfortably in the office, but enjoy it as well.